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Renga 2004
Purple into Black Arrested Fractals The Indian Trail
Feasting on Mushrooms A Bell Rings Perhaps the Thrush


Cycling through the city
through diesel fumes
the smell of buddleia

__ink blot
__turns into a butterfly

backwards flight
in sleep

__the dancers turn
__to face a new partner

tracing the loch edge
she follows
her breath home

__stirred embers
__glow into life

grab it
while you can
young ?un

__holding out for dessert

two spoons
fit together

__into the North Sea

the splashes 
in front
of my eyes

__gulls gone inshore
__clean up on chips

by torchlight

__chestnuts in husks
__thin-soled shoes        

stamping I holler
listen to me
I have something to say

__no-one hears
__the answering echo

perhaps the thrush
whose wings dip
in unseen salute

__cuckoo cuckoo

into a half pint glass
the small girl
carefully places snowdrops

__there’s fruit
__hidden in this garden.

a nijuuin renga in Summer
the hidden gardens, Glasgow
August 14, 2004


Gerry Loose (master)
Anne-Marie Culhane (host)
Vicky Hale (co-ordinator)
Morven Gregor
Diana Treffry
Ashby McGowan
Amanda McGowan
Maggie Graham
Marc Sherland
Dominic Boyle
Simone Fleming
Mirren Boyd
Laura Boyd
Roberta McLennan
Leslie McLennan
Nancy Bain


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