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The Renga Platform
Haiku and renga are subtle arts that draw us into new ways of engaging with each other and the world around us. The guidelines are based on the classical Japanese nijuin renga of twenty verses.


There are many introductions to haiku available to enthusiasts; what makes the one that we are preparing distinctive is its focus on the communal aspect of this art practice. It will contain the information that you will need to organize a renga or haiku event.

These photographs show recent events that took place on the renga platform. The platform is a temporary stage, a place for sharing haiku and renga that can be set up in the landscape. This event took place at Dawyck Botanical garden in the Scottish Borders. The master poet was Jayne Wilding, and the Host poet was Colin Will. The renga, ‘Under the tall trees’, is included.

Alec Finlay

Dawyck Botanical garden
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