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Renga 2004
Purple into Black Arrested Fractals The Indian Trail
Feasting on Mushrooms A Bell Rings Perhaps the Thrush


Rags on the thorn tree
tied the branches –
blow useless winds

__the last leaf twists
__is a kite

dark night waits
moon slivers
into the frozen pond

__cars pass lost
__in news radio chatter

tune me in, top down
tell me more

__‘til the train
__rocks us to sleep

not awake already
even in the rhythm
we’ll arrive together

__your breath warms
__my spine

tongue licks, claws click
I can’t keep any
stiller than this

__clasped hands
__of a stopped watch

prayers open and close
purple respires
into black

__the rains fallen over
__the hills of heather

flash floods rush
toward the silver eye
of night

__on the island
__sticks are sharpened

bark chips curl, crackle –
sparks rise
on a fiery current

__I light one cigarette
__from another

watch as my
hand plays

__Indian paintbrush scatters
__all the country roads

small fingers tuck sprays –
petals are hiding
in her tangled hair

__a faded pink
__pressed between pages.

a nijuuin renga in Winter
The Rothko Chapel, Houston
16 January, 2004


Alec Finlay (master)
Elbert Pruitt (host)
Mary Margaret Carlisle
Patrick Phipps
Jessica Yu


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