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Renga 2003
Rent Web Summer Hats Psycho-Georgraphy
A Cart Load of Olives Tight Air  


Silent gestures
just out of reach
of each other

__daffodils lean
__toward the light

overgrown hedges
cutting privet
for pea–sticks

__voices louder now
__drown in chardonnay

bleep far off
bleep a digger
bleep reversing

__fuck psycho–geography
__explore inner landscapes

a desk
in the back row
another etching

__coloured bruises
__on dad's arms

found safe, the child
slapped and held
at the same time

__looking for a rainbow
__in the night sky

early dawn
pheasants feeding
in the stubble

__the first bus
__its lights still on

sun and moon
echo each other
above the cooling towers

__meltdown! the sign says
__destabilised shoppers collide

revellers teeter
along the icy pavement
in slinky numbers

__a tinsel serpent
__winding round a yucca

so many shades of rust
on the big
metallic apple

__each tree sprouts
__a different green

the darkest leaves
stand behind
the whitest blossom

__a grey spring day –
__ignoring my house's dust.

a nijuuin renga in Spring
BALTIC Centre for Contemporary Art, Gateshead
17 May, 2003


Martin Lucas (master)
Alec Finlay (host)
Adam Fish
Aidan Moesby
Ian Storr
Ian Horn
Ian Turner
Dhruva Sookhoo
Helen Robinson
Elizabeth Barry

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