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Renga 2005
In Our Particular Hats Blacksmith & Iron Growth Waits for its Moment
Begum, Wipe the Dust Dust On The Needle Gathering Mussels
Pleated, Oriental The Blind Dog What Light Brings


Under the apple tree
bleed their colours

__ciabatta, olives, sun-dried tomato
__in a puddle of golden oil

midsummer lights up
blades of grass –
blackbirds scry for worms

__how much I can’t see
__of what’s in front of my eyes

he escapes the damp
for insufficient legroom
and icy cabin crew

__winter nights – mice
__scuffle behind the skirting

pissed teenagers
in stolen cars
crashing the gears

__in the dhammapada the same word
__for house and for heart

he gave her the gift
of a red kimono
wrapped in tissue paper

__sharp pyracanthus
__climbing the gable

they could still hear
the waterfall
from the beer garden

__to cross the threshold
__is to forgive the dark

the butterflies in her belly
told her it was
that time of the month

__for the Saxons –
__only ever one kind of fruit

he ferried
six boxes of books
to the charity shop

__everyone’s wearing their guilt
__in white vinyl on their wrists

she tried them on
for size –
a nun’s vows

__driving past the reservoir
__sky staring into sky

gingko leaves
in his photograph,
the American flag

__no-one can really explain
__what light brings.

a nijuuin renga on the midsummer solstice
Sunday, June 19, 2005
Sandysike, Walton, Cumbria


Linda France (master)
Subhadassi (master)


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