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Renga 2004
Purple into Black Arrested Fractals The Indian Trail
Feasting on Mushrooms A Bell Rings Perhaps the Thrush


From the cracked gable
to gothic suburbia
the haws redden

__lavetera's late flowers
__grow out of the old chimney

metalwork furnace
all different colours
keep well away

__split fence – the weans
__steal from the coal hill

trees of Sherwood Forest
Robin Hood, Indian trail
scuffed shoes, torn clothes

__finding shade from the sun
__at a Spanish hotel

honeymoon couples
hoping to bring back warmth
home’s a lot cooler

__cooking the evening meal
__trifle for dessert

unzip the tent
for a late-night pee
the watching moon

__the lighthouse keeper in silence
__looks out at the storm

mixed packet seeds
put into pots and see what happens

__fresh eggs for breakfast
__a double yolk.

a short renga in Autumn
the hidden Gardens, Glasgow
20 September, 2004


Ken Cockburn (master)
Anne-Marie Culhane (host)
David Liston
Anne Murray
Brian Hazlett
Nancy Kerr
Michael McGinlay
Susan McGinlay
Kathleen Sharp
(1st Forum Possil & Milton Creative Writing Group)


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