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Renga With Schools
Fresh Green Bananas
Barmston Village Primary School (Creative Partnerships) Easington Colliery Primary School (Creative Partnerships)


Three squat pigeons
on a telephone wire

__walking to school
__sun beats on a field half-mown

cows sleep
leaves blow across
the crescent moon

__midday quiet
__the shopkeeper hangs green bananas

town beach high tide
the sand is clear
cafes are full

__the fish glides
__through rippling seaweed

above Glasgow Green
a kite soars
toddlers run to watch

__welcome to the friendly city:
__beep! beep! – oot the wey!

the deafening noise of traffic
blocked out
by a stranger’s face

__the snow falls
__he appears dressed in red and white

old tree
warm to the touch – it will grow
as tall as the chimney

__muffins, spiky cucumber and rocket
__lamb chops for lunch.

a short renga in Autumn
the hidden gardens, Glasgow
9 September, 2004


Ken Cockburn (master)
Anne-Marie Culhane (host)
Marie Birchard (co-ordinator)
pupils of St Mungo’s School
Kimberley McFarlane
Heather Millrine
Dannelle Maxwell
Ross Harris
Brian Vernal
Daniel Malarkey
Johan Redmond


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