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001 TODAY (place, weather)

first day of the week
lying on the black cushion
nippy but warm
002 SPRING (flower)
__aqua coloured bluebells
__down in Sunderland
003 SPRING (holiday, day off)
oh yes! day off school
play out
on the frame
004 SPRING (holiday, day off)
__climbing trees
__in the hot sun
005 SPRING (bird)
I just saw a seagull
with its baby gull
006 SPRING (bird)
__skylarks hover
__over bumpy ground
007 SPRING (river)
with my fly-fishing rod
and feathers
I catch trout
008 SPRING (river)
__people swim over
__the blue river
009 SPRING (river)
flowing colours
of the dark
sparkly sky
010 SPRING (moon)
__lemonade in your glass
__bold moon shimmers
011 LUCKY BAG (trading cards)
Egyptian gods
with all the pieces
are the rarest
012 SPRING (clock’s changing, light evenings)
__go to school late
__forgot to change the time
013 HOLIDAY (Easter Holidays)
the Easter Bunny
saves chocolate eggs
for next year
014 SPRING (special event, day)
__people round the streets
__do jokes
015 SPRING (animal)
zoom in with a camera –
startled deer
run away
016 SPRING (wet things)
__close to bubbled waterfalls
__a pile of muddy straw
017 SPRING (wet things)
rain splashes down,
on the ground,
on the soaked puppy
018 SPRING (clothes)
__decorated clothes lying
__in the ancient wardrobe
019 SPRING (blossom)
cherry blossom
pink as it can be
on the disguised trees
020 SPRING (travel)
__young men drive
__buzzy cars
021 SPRING (insects)
the small black ant
crawls up
the long green spiky grass
022 SPRING (insects)
__grasshopper jumping in
__the sun shines with buttercups
023 SPRING (food)
on my plate
jersey royals
lettuce sandwiches
024 SPRING (F.A. Cup Final)
__Viera scores the winner
__people hit inflated balls
025 MOON
the astronomer
looks at the eclipsed moon
through his telescope
026 LUCKY BAG (airports)
__airport bursting to the brim
__should calm down considerably
027 LOVE (family)
cheeky Nathan,
artistic Daniel, funny Dominic,
are all brothers
__spooky cemetery
__the gates are closed
ruined castle
sheltering from
the cold and rainy day
030 LUCKY BAG (mobile phones)
__phone vibrates
__ring, ring, beep, beep
jog out for a rubber —
dreaded and
unfortunate exams
__sweaty Romans
__built Hadrian's Wall
colour in and make cushions
we can go off
for seven weeks
034 SUMMER (blue moon)
__blue moon
__hardly ever comes
035 SUMMER (film)
Drop Dead Fred
head jammed in freezer
tries to squeeze it out
036 SUMMER (Blackhall Rocks)
__miners carry coal
__up the steps of the mine
037 SUMMER (clothes)
sticky bod,
slapped lotion –
putting on my summer clothes
038 SUMMER (sunburn)
__I never get sunburnt
__just go brown
039 SUMMER (paddling pool, water slide)
climb up soaking stairs
shoot down kamikaze
splash! into bright blue water
040 SUMMER (paddling pool, water slide)
__warm and wet
__dizzy and drowning
041 SUMMER (paddling pool, water slide)
a toy octopus
found swimming
in the deep pool
042 SUMMER (foreign holidays)
__sea turtles
__in the shallows
043 SUMMER (rainforest)
slippy long snakes
trees sway
creeping with crawlies
044 SUMMER (fruit)
__blueberries in salty water
__to get the maggots out
045 LOVE (missing friends)
new holiday friends,
speak foreign languages,
hang out
046 LOVE (visiting relatives)
__visiting relatives
__swims and 3-D cinema
047 SUMMER (postman, postcard)
never know what’s coming
the postman brings letters
in his red van
048 LUCKY BAG (food and drink)
__hot cup of tea
__and luscious cakes
049 SUMMER (shops)
fat and juicy
in cool shops
050 SUMMER (colours)
__red, purple, blue,
__colourful horizon
051 SUMMER (garden flowers)
scattered daisies
bulrushes in a pond –
052 SUMMER (garden flowers)
__sunflower on the wall
__killed by dad’s weedkiller
053 SUMMER (bees and wasps)
the bee stings me –
the queen
is lying in her hive
054 SUMMER (woods)
__next to the forest
__grasshoppers jumping
055 SUMMER (meadow flowers)
dozy in the meadow
after our picnic
there go the dandelions in the wind
056 SUMMER (strawberries)
__the farm lady picks
__plump strawberries
057 SUMMER (Wimbledon, tennis)
tennis balls galore –
run for shelter
because of the rain
058 SUMMER (farms and fields)
__the ducks quack and the pigs
__charge into the clarty field
059 MOON
slight cloud
covered the moon
ugly craters, funny face
060 DREAMS (dream, nightmare)
__the headmaster had no ears
__I blew up the school
061 AUTUMN (school uniforms)
positive attitude
Umbro trainers
and trackie bottoms
062 AUTUMN (new school year)
__new teacher is mint
__plays jenga during class
063 AUTUMN (young kids at school)
in reception
Jolly Phonics and
‘don’t eat the sand’
064 AUTUMN (cats or dogs)
__Sheba and Shogun
__in the bath when they’re dirty
065 AUTUMN (mist, fog, cloudy weather)
foggy in China
misty in Malta
cloudy in England
066 LUCKY BAG (Dr Who)
__flying about in a blue Tardis
__what’s up with the stripy scarf?
067 AUTUMN (new football season)
football volleyed in the air –
sitting with my hot chocolate
I wish I had a hat
068 AUTUMN (local travel)
__melted Galaxy
__in the Nissan Skyline
069 AUTUMN (conkers or nuts)
walk round the park –
conkers scattered on the grass
noisy squirrels chew acorns
__soldiers in a cave
__tell stories about Achilles
071 AUTUMN (blood moon)
veteran at the Cenotaph
poppy in his buttonhole
what’s the point?
072 AUTUMN (Halloween)
__orange pumpkin
__glows in the dark
073 AUTUMN (fireworks)
wait for the big bang —
flaming rockets
right above the houses
074 AUTUMN (food or cooking)
__cheese falls
__from the sky
075 AUTUMN (food or cooking)
an outrageous
mixed grill
at the Half Moon
076 AUTUMN (food or cooking)
__apples rolled in chocolate
__and sprinkles
077 AUTUMN (family, home)
come and visit —
bring your family
get 10% discount
078 LOVE (loneliness)
__Friday night – I don’t like taking
__the dog out on my own
079 AUTUMN (leaves)
black, brown, red leaves
all piled up
in the horse field
080 AUTUMN (clocks changing)
__extra hour’s sleep
__choose wisely what you dream
081 AUTUMN (spider)
sitting up late watching movies
eight hairy legs
bobbing up and down
082 AUTUMN (shiny things)
__lookalike threads, stars
__glisten in the dark
083 AUTUMN (life boat, ferry, fishing boat)
the lighthouses's warning –
shiny waves churn below us
nets bounce in the water
084 LOCAL (bridge)
__iron held up by ropes and fumes –
__throw out our rods
planets spin on their axes –
a comet's on the go
in the moonlit sky
086 AUTUMN (dentist)
__black holes in my teeth,
__whiff of antiseptic
087 WINTER (frozen food)
freezing cold and shivering
ice cream in a tub –
what's for tea?
088 WINTER (slush)
__a slippy-slidy slush
__b-r-r-r brain-freeze
089 WINTER (illnesses, runny noses)
lost leg pulse
op success
able to throw snowballs for life
090 LOVE (best friend)
__the basketball broke my thumb —
__I wish my best friend was here
091 WINTER (a winter story)
Frosty the Snowman
frightening when
starts talking unexpectedly
092 WINTER (Christmas cards)
__ding! dong! ding! dong!
__goes the annoying card
093 WINTER (Christmas songs)
feeeeed the world
let them know it’s Christmas time
feeeeed the world
094 MOON (cold, ice or snow moon)
__the cold moon orbits round the earth
__every day of the year
095 WINTER (birds)
birds fly
around the cold
chilly sky
096 LUCKY BAG (hair products)
__my hair is so big
__gel flattens it down
097 WINTER (getting up in the dark)
I wake up staring in the mirror
in still darkness –
shadows from my lava lamp
098 WINTER (Christmas tree, presents)
__baubles on the tree –
__I’d love a horse, but it won’t happen
099 WINTER (prints in the snow)
foxes run along the sheet
through the snow-covered garden –
my mam likes that
100 FLOWER (snowdrop)
__little white snowdrops
__dance in the wind
  Alec Finlay Lead Artist
Ira Lightman (master)
Ken Cockburn (master)
Subhadassi (master)
Linda France (master)
Beth Rowson (master)
and the poets of Easington Colliery Primary School

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