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Renga 2005
In Our Particular Hats Blacksmith & Iron Growth Waits for its Moment
Begum, Wipe the Dust Dust On The Needle Gathering Mussels
Pleated, Oriental The Blind Dog What Light Brings


Round and round
looking for words
on warm streets

__slate and stone crunch
__along the hidden path

run to the garden, little ones
sun, beautiful sun
Begum, wipe the dust

__through yellow lace curtains
__gold glints in the jeweller's shop

running by the river
despite the pouring rain
she listens to the radio

__red cheeks and hot head
__angry son and crazy dad

playing cards at green table
three gamblers
losing patience

__the night rears up
__two silhouettes tumble

under her feet she
feels the shards
of a lover’s heart

__the teacups clink
__lunch is near

one corrupted disk
fifty-six wonderful photos

__colours crackle
__everything ochres

a long cool crescent
slowly uphill
the perfect putt

__flame-headed girl
__strikes a match

million year-old beetles
shimmer in their coats
of coal

__the sea reflects
__evolution in your eyes

day after day
the cat mourns the mouse
that got away

__squirrels get busy
__the memory of nuts

violets and blues
mute astonished daffodils
so sudden

__a circle of pots
__to start a roof garden.

a nijuuin renga in summer
the hidden gardens, Glasgow
July 16, 2005


Colin Will (master poet)
Elspeth Murray (host poet)
Tasneem Karim
Bronagh McInerney
Heather McMillan
Raizia Sultana
Marianne Wilson


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