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001 TODAY (place, weather)

Barmston school fields
muddy and soggy
accidents on the radio
002 SPRING (flower)
__brown in the middle
__smooth soothing sunflowers
003 SPRING (holiday, day off)
have a feast
fall into deep sleep —
two weeks off
004 SPRING (bird)
__swans peck at
__bread in the water
005 SPRING (river)
shiny river –
liquid flows
down the bank way
006 SPRING (moon)
__the suffocated fluffy moon
__lights up the city
magic boy
008 SPRING (clock’s changing, light evenings)
__clock arrows turning
__the sun’s up longer
009 HOLIDAY (Easter Holidays)
our delivery bunny –
lots of chocolate,
never get hungry
010 FESTIVAL (Good Friday, Easter Sunday)
__hold crosses
__dance down streets
011 SPRING (animal)
lambs bounce,
chicks hatch,
chrysalises crack
012 SPRING (wet things)
__raindrops kiss –
__I jump in
013 SPRING (clothes)
a thin light coat
on an orangey tree stump
smells of freedom
014 SPRING (blossom)
__pink wedding blossom
__flows over the fields
015 SPRING (Insects)
first bee buzzes
round its home
looking for its children
016 SPRING (travel)
__jets take off
__in the air__ twist
017 SPRING (food)
sweet Sunday’s dinner
cutting into tall leeks
lamb chops frizzle
018 SPRING (F.A. Cup Final)
__green grass trampled by Man U,
__treaded by Arsenal
019 MOON (milk moon, planting moon)
milky moon
tide rises,
planting seeds
__big fat people
__weigh down the plane
021 LOVE (family)
singing Mam
in the pub
talks to her boyfriend
__tall Penshaw Hill —
__sister falls out the buggy
haunted castle
full of ghosts,
the bed moves
__Stadium of Light —
__the line to get in’s massive
brain-sucking test —
a few books of maths
wait for our grades
__Winston Churchill
__sinking Hitler
non-uniform day,
free choice round the school
go to different classes
028 SUMMER (blue moon)
__the blue tennis ball
__bounces round the court
029 SUMMER (film)
hot outside
jumper off,
cold in the cinema
030 SUMMER (Blackhall Rocks, beach)
__reflections on the water
__run for cover
031 SUMMER (clothes)
sandals flip-flop,
multicoloured shirt,
flashing sunglasses
032 SUMMER (sunburn)
__red raw skin
__sunblock doesn’t work
033 SUMMER (paddling pool, water slide)
hey you kids!
stop going crazy
on my lawn
034 SUMMER (foreign holidays)
__Florida virtual simulator
__big screen – chairs move
035 SUMMER (rainforest)
squeeze you tighter
than Mum at your wedding
036 SUMMER (fruit)
__irresistible coconut milk
__runs down my face
037 LOVE (missing friends)
tears on the way
to the airport,
I feel lonely
038 LOVE (visiting relatives)
__Dad does a daftie dance
__acts Frankenstein
039 SUMMER (postman, postcard)
postcards from far away,
the postie gets a cuppa,
leaves in his red van
__bird’s eye view —
__down below tiny people
041 SUMMER (shops)
buying sunglasses,
air conditioning
blows in my face
042 SUMMER (colours)
__sunny showers
__rainbow reflections
043 SUMMER (bees and wasps)
silky wings whizz by
in the bright sky –
nectar collectors
044 SUMMER (garden flowers)
__honeysuckle over the roof
__sunflowers to the top of the wall
045 SUMMER (meadow flowers)
mice alert!
scurry through burdock
and thin poppies
046 SUMMER (strawberries)
__devil red strawberries
__‘nowt else to eat’
047 SUMMER (Wimbledon, tennis)
old ladies at full volume —
straight faces concentrate,
ball hits the net
048 SUMMER (farms and fields)
__salty pellets shoot by,
__trespassers will be prosecuted
049 MOON (corn moon)
in front of the moon,
old man with muddy fingers
grumpy at the fox
050 DREAMS (dream, nightmare)
__when he woke up
__all his tall corn was gone
051 AUTUMN (school uniforms)
on the chair he finds
a blue jumper
and grey trousers
052 AUTUMN (new school year)
__get ready for school
__brush your teeth and go
053 AUTUMN (young kids at school)
you should help the little ‘uns
tie their laces,
play mini-basketball
054 AUTUMN (cats or dogs)
__dogs jump
__leaves fall
055 AUTUMN (mist, fog, cloudy weather)
foglights on the road –
I can’t see around me,
I can see just below me
__long Tyne Tunnel with no windows
__cars lorries and all sorts go through
057 AUTUMN (new football season)
Sunderland against Newcastle —
players skid down the pitch,
ref struggles badly
058 AUTUMN (local travel)
__on the bus to hospital
__feeling sick
059 AUTUMN (conkers or nuts)
frozen conkers,
take them out
and fight with them
__Hercules shows off
__with his six-pack
061 AUTUMN (blood moon)
bomber crashes —
blood spurts
under the moon
062 AUTUMN (Halloween)
__come, monkey
__you’ve lost your head
063 AUTUMN (fireworks)
sssh! run! zoom! boom!
spitting fireworks
storm off in a hurry
064 AUTUMN (food or cooking)
__I crunch apples
__Granny Smiths
065 AUTUMN (family, home)
orange juice
at my Nanna’s
and hot soup
066 LOVE (loneliness)
__everyone dickies off,
__girlfriends go shopping
067 AUTUMN (leaves)
in the garden centre
cleaners pick up
fallen leaves
068 AUTUMN (clocks changing)
__Mum changes the clock
__without any numbers
069 AUTUMN (spider)
in the loft
cobwebs in corners
daddy-long-legs flies to the light
070 AUTUMN (shiny things)
__rainbow oil-spills
__on the tarmac
071 AUTUMN (lifeboat, ferry, fishing boat)
old man fishes
by the red flag,
leaves empty-handed
072 LOCAL (bridge)
__the Queen Alexandra curtsies
__as the cars go by
073 FESTIVAL (Divali, Hindu new year in November)
ladies in India
dance and leap
jingling their beads
__planets orbit
__in the midnight sky
in the hall
we sing so loud,
high and low
076 AUTUMN (dentist)
__mouth numbed
__noodles hard to eat
melty vanilla ice-cream
crusty pizza
my warm tongue
078 WINTER (hungry animals)
__clinging to the hillside
__woolly sheep starve through winter
079 WINTER (clothes)
on the bench Shearer’s jersey
half-pink, half-white -
cold air blasts his face
080 WINTER (indoor heating)
__feeling weird and lovely
__radiators behind the settee
081 WINTER (snow falling)
flakes quiet on my window
one on another
snowfights in the square
__sweet sounds come rough
__from the saxophone’s throat
083 WINTER (illnesses, runny noses)
icky medicine,
barf everywhere
so stay away
084 WINTER (watching TV)
__tissues out of the box
__I see the Snow Queen
085 WINTER (slush)
fall from the sky
on dangerous roads
blue and red slush puppies
086 WINTER (playground)
__from the monkey bars
__down to the amphitheatre
087 LOVE (best friend)
friends ever
new friends
scared to come
088 WINTER (a winter story)
__open back of wardrobe
__put on hats and gloves and go in
089 WINTER (Christmas tree)
green and prickly
spiky and stumpy
tall with a star on top
090 WINTER (Christmas cards)
__covered in snow
__a very wet envelope
091 WINTER (school special activities)
winter discos
in the night
slippy in the doors
092 MOON (cold moon, ice or snow moon)
__ice cold and breezy moon —
__I can’t move till the sun comes out
093 WINTER (Christmas songs)
the only thing that is not white –
tweetie sweetie robins
collect food
094 WINTER (birds)
__gadgies come to the door
__singing carols, la-la-la
095 LUCKY BAG (Dr Who)
Dr Who bursts open
as the Daleks shoot lasers
shouting ‘exterminate!’
096 WINTER (getting up in the dark)
__eyes open into darkness
__only tree lights to be seen
097 WINTER (footwear)
pink and black
soggy Nike trainers,
big cosy boots
098 WINTER (prints in the snow)
__sledge-marks and small footprints
__that lead to the sweet-shop
099 WINTER (presents)
I can’t sleep
when presents are falling
loudly down the chimney
100 FLOWER (snowdrop)
__Santa’s beard is shaved – snowdrops
__pulled through cracks in the fence
  Alec Finlay Lead Artist
Ira Lightman (master)
Ken Cockburn (master)
Subhadassi (master)
Linda France (master)
Beth Rowson (master)
and the poets of Barmston Village Primary School

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