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September sunshine
red berries against green leaves
and the tags I wish . . .

__changing colours in the woods
__wind rustles through the trees

city centre
howling gale blows up litter
into the air

__temperatures soar in the streets
__the fiery sun sets

darkness settles
the sound of crickets
tourists return to hotels

__suddenly the light goes on
__cockroaches scatter

loud screams
an affectionate kiss
is interrupted

__with the mood restored
__our night continues

the crescent moon
sinking into the morning sky
as dawn approaches

__the smell of fresh-baked croissants
__fills the crisp air

footsteps crunch on snow
silver light shines and breaks through
the frosted window

__a harsh chap on the door
__presents a double-glazing salesman

a gift of tulips
from the gardener
sweet scent of things to come

__entered in the annual event
__for the first time he didn’t win.

a 14-verse renga in autumn
the hidden gardens, Glasgow
September 27, 2005


Ken Cockburn (master)
Tom McEnroe
(Fifteen S4 pupils from Bellahouston Academy, Glasgow)


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