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Renga 2005
In Our Particular Hats Blacksmith & Iron Growth Waits for its Moment
Begum, Wipe the Dust Dust On The Needle Gathering Mussels
Pleated, Oriental The Blind Dog What Light Brings


A thrush for company
the foliage
another year denser

__is this the singing group?
__asks Maria

beneath a summer smock
her belly
as round as the moon

__lunchtime – the children
__have run inside

lights are bright
behind the glass
homework and hot soup

__only a black crumb for some,
__crow on a leafless tree

newly signed for
the map chest collapses
worn joints

__earrings and her book
__on the bedside table

the band she wore
no longer in view
gone to dust

__the track that always sticks
__in the same place – there

spending all evening
in the online chatrooms
pins and needles

__storms kill reception
__only static

rising above
the scudding clouds
autumn moon

__escalator to the street
__into the throng

marching bands
a Glasgow parade
orange banners, union jacks

__flags by the sea

the year’s first fair
his favourite ride
the helter-skelter

__the avenue of poplars
__spring coaxes to green.

a nijuuin renga in summer
the hidden gardens, Glasgow
June 25, 2005


Ken Cockburn (master)
Jane McKie (host)
Helen Brown
Frances Shah


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